Sunday, April 25, 2004


it's the little things, like yesterday...driving up the coast with the top down, the sun bright and the wind licking my face....lobster lunch in malibu, overlooking the beach. these things make me happy.

Saturday, April 24, 2004

good friends

i reconnected with one of my dearest friends lisa goldman last night. she has been an inspiration and guide in my life and i am blessed to have her back.

quincy jones has brought her onboard for his WE ARE THE FUTURE project which is akin to the WE ARE THE CHILDREN project he did 17 years ago. this one will raise money to benefit children in areas of conflict.

usa today  |  billboard  |  vh1

Tuesday, April 13, 2004


back on friday....seeing shannon off before she leaves for her usual european summer. markles, be ready.

Wednesday, April 07, 2004


thanks for the translations guys...
(i miss you fredrik)

From: Fredrik Hagglund [Sweden]
Subject: Stocktown forum translation

grymt = wicked
bra = good
TV = TV (ahem)
ni = you (plural)
har = have
räddat = saved
min = my
dag = day
jag = I
undrar = am wondering
bara = just, only
var = where
man = one
kan = can
hitta = find
mer = more
info = info (no shit)
om = about, on
Those Intelligent Dance Bitches?
fantastiskt = fantastic
bandnamn = band name
förresten = by the way

In short: fanboywantsinfo.

From: stephan [Norway]
Subject: translation

great TV!!! you saved my day!
I wonder were to find more info on Those Intelligent Dance Bitches?
fantastic band name by the way...

From: Michael Klimczak [Sweden]
Subject: translation

Extremly good TV! You have saved my day!
I just wondered were you can find more info on Those Intelligent Dance
Fantastic bandname by the way...