Tuesday, June 28, 2005

i <3 stories

To: girlie
Date: Jun 28 at 6:50 PM
Subject: swordfish.


i lived in california many years ago. i was four years old and people wandered the streets without their shirts on, holsters strapped to their hips. my parents packing boxes, watergate on television. i thought it had something to do with the ocean. i wanted to be a fish. a swordfish. i would cut through the waves, i would stab all the sharks and play with the huge, misunderstood whales. that’s what i would do.

in san fransisco ducks hung in windows and street cars clattered. at the swimming pool in the hotel, vietnam veterans did their therapy in the water. men with long hair and tattoos, men with grudges who were scarred both inside and out, men who had lost limbs. and i wanted to go swimming, even though i didn’t know how to swim. my father would take me into the water and i would sit on a big, inflatable swan. he would guard me. i was fearless. i didn’t care that I had no idea how to swim. i was going to be a fish, a swordfish, it was just a matter of time. but my father was nervous this time, he thought i might be scared
of the strange men without arms and legs, that i might embarrass them, but i didn’t even notice, and we all splashed happily about, the vets tossing me each to each. a story my father still tells to this day.

one day myself and the neighbours daughter decided to go trick or treating. i have forgotten her name but i remember her secret. she liked to eat dry cat food. that was her secret. she did this in her garage. her father lost part of one of his fingers to a buzz saw. when we went out trick or treating we did not bother to dress up, we did not bother to check the date. two four year olds on a summer afternoon who thought that strangers would always give you candy, that that is what the world was like. the first door we rang revealed an older woman with white hair. we said trick or treat. we didn’t even have bags. she invited us in and gave us lemonade as she patiently explained the concept of halloween to us. i remember that the house was cool, that it smelled alien and safe.

that was california.

Wednesday, June 01, 2005


OK, this is what i want for my birthday WHICH IS ON AUGUST 31ST (write that down). it probably won't be available by then, but i still want it so please.. just sort it out.

Published in NOW Magazine, Toronto, ON
May, 2005
A weekly look at the latest gadgets - by Alexander Joo

In The Bag
Surf company O'Neill just raised the bar with its soon-to-come H2 series backpacks. Solar panels steal the sun's energy and recharge your audio player, cellphone and anything else with a USB connection. There's also a compartment made for iPods that can be controlled from a panel on the shoulder strap. Lastly, the freakin' thing incorporates Bluetooth technology, wirelessly connecting all your devices together and letting you make hands-free phone calls.

Available next fall.