Saturday, May 15, 2004

strangeness and calm

for those of you in london, my friend sandra turnbull, who is a constant inspiration and mentor for me, has a show entitled "strangeness and calm" coming up at off broadway gallery (63-65 broadway market, london, uk) from june 11 till june 28.
also, her partner robert goldstein just launched his website. he is an accomplished photographer and an amazing human being. his website showcases photos he's taken from south sudan, kenya and more.
this image is a picture he took of me in my home in san francisco in 1999.

musee hofstadt

i just checked out the "musee hofstadt" video that devan (c-trl) and nika directed and anna did the soundtrack's stunning.

Sunday, May 09, 2004

fast food

must see: "super size me"

valerie and i went to see this amazing documentary which puts actual hard data on paper. it follows the filmmaker who goes on an all McDonalds diet for 30 days, eating nothing but what the joint has to offer. it also delves into what American public schools are feeding their children, and how good nutrition seems to have disappeared from mainstream society.

Monday, May 03, 2004

crying over pros for no reason

crying over pros for no reason

edIT's record comes out on planet mu, and we're celebrating with a few hundred of our closest friends...

thursday may 06, 2004

dublab, XLR8R & planet-mu records present: [ eraser ]
a record release party for edIT's new album
"crying over pros for no reason" on planet-mu.

edIT will be performing w/ visuals by

lineup: daddy kev w/ the grouch, daedelus, 8fm, deru w/ thunderclaw, rd, noahptimus prime, frosty, hoseh, dj jon baker + kid nasty

[ @ the little temple in los feliz ]

Saturday, May 01, 2004


The Black Heart Procession

the black heart procession

anna and i finally got to see them and wow...i am still completely transfixed.
they are one of the best bands i have ever heard in my life.

..for those of you in san francisco, they're playing the great american music hall tomorrow night (sunday). honestly, do not miss it. mellow dark gorgeous eerie textures and outstanding talent on all instruments. in fact i think anyone who is into pink floyd's dark stuff (er, i guess it all is) will love this band. i especially swooned over the piano and violin. theremin was an added bonus.