Saturday, June 12, 2004


billy is over from thailand for a visit, so we spent a day at the zoo. one of the best parts of the was leaving the parking lot in my convertible with the top down blasting beethoven at top volume (his request).

Friday, June 04, 2004

tips is back in town...

my dahling bruthah tipper is back in america after basing himself out of australia for the past 6-months. he's been gigging all over the world, and says he has even been to hungary a bunch of times. the eastern block is full of hungry breaks heads now. good news indeed.

he headlined at 'mor' in santa monica last night, and i'm always fascinated at how die hard his fans are. there were people standing around the booth all night who didn't move, they just stood watching him, mesmorized.

anyway, tips has been working on music non-stop during his time in oz, and he has an album and 3/4 ready for release. he's around the states for the next couple of months, so i'll keep you updated on his movements. we'll also be updating the site to be more current with his news and the rest of us echolocation residents .

Tuesday, June 01, 2004

be the revolution

ms. e and i were snapped at the post generation event on thursday which was bloody packed. showing off their political satire posters were shepard fairey, robbie conal & mear one. check out for more info.

more photos @ polaroid scene