Saturday, September 13, 2003 on

our guest last tuesday was logreybeam who sculpts absolutely gorgeous music. we were celebrating the release of yasumé's latest album on city centre offices, released earlier that day. [yasumé is his project with music partner xela and you can purchase it from the warp mart]. logreybeam has an upcoming release coming out on type records from the most wikked crew behind default response in the uk.

next tuesday's guest is deru, who has releases on neo ouija, city centre offices and mille plateaux. his music is will likee! so tune in to september 16th @ 7pm [pst] or super late night in the uk @ 3am [gmt] (guess that would technically be wednesday morning for you europeans).

- - - > also massive love and respect to our guests we've had on the show lately:
* ben milstein (one of the e.l.m. curators...the psychedelic/electro/experimental god of the underground. his latest release is out on outside recordings)
* edIT (ohmigawd edIt fkkn ROCKS - the crowd went wild! this artists has MAD cutup skills. we will be posting the archive of this one due to high demand - keep your eyes peeled out for his upcoming album releasing on planet mu)
* kadet (who is one of the most stunning ambient audio sculpters out there and left us all just completely inspired with jaws on the floor)
* cyrusrex & sqg (the negative 3 duo who have been making some serious waves with their intense intelligent audio up and down the west coast - and playing host to some kick ass events of late w/ guests venetian snares & snog)


haven't been very diligent at keeping up with the blogs, sorry. i've taken a short contract with heh - ironic that i move from san francisco to los angeles to consult for a startup dot com, hey? it's great people to work with, and a helluva big project to get off the ground. hence, my lag in communication.

also this week, the piece on anna and i came out in mac addict [oct issue]. we are featured with richie hawtin, bt and venus hum.

i performed for the venetian snares show on wednesday which kicked ass [nice one negative 3]. v-snares blew me away. inspiring. a master @ digital cutups.