Friday, March 10, 2006

not lost

time for one of those forced major life changes. it hurts as you go through it, but as soon as you start to see the light at the end of the tunnel, you figure out why it needs to be done.

my website (formerly has been taken over by a nudists site. yes, it's true! i lost it and can't get it back. i've had that site up since 1997...almost 10 years. i keep thinking of all of the friends i have out there who keep in touch with me through my site. eek. what a shock. sad.

so basically i've set up the girlie8 site at this new URL. working on a site re-design.

bought Mark a site of his own. he's already got most of it designed (leave it to an Art Director!) and i will build it for him shortly.

a couple of months back we launched the site for our joint venture "Plus Notes", which is the positive messaging project that Mark and I started last year. We have a lot of amazing products to unleash, and ultimately would like this to help out on a social level and generate funds for a variety of charities.