Wednesday, September 29, 2004


so damon and i had a fantastic vacation on naushon island. we had our own house with a small bay and a view of 'first bridge' from our deck. it was an amazing week of horseback riding, swimming, hiking and sailing.
..BUT guess what appeared in OUR inlet (pictured above) just a couple of weeks later?
A GREAT WHITE SHARK!  [ no kidding ]

Listen to this story... Listen to the NPR broadcast (Real Audio)

Listen to this story... Listen to the NPR broadcast (Windows Media)

the footage we saw on the news was exactly the view we had from our patio. the scariest part is that damon had been swimming back and forth across the bay to first bridge on a daily basis. it's freaky..

another bit of trivia is that we were a 20 minute sail from woods hole, where they filmed the movie "jaws".

Tuesday, September 14, 2004

tribute of light

Damon and I just got back from NYC where we witnessed the "Tribute of Light" exhibit in memory of the disaster 3 years ago. We were amazed at the sparkles appearing in the lights. It was breathtaking, and somewhat surreal. We were in the West Village, so it was a bit too far away to determine what exactly the sparkles were, but we supposed that they were birds or bats caught in the beams.

I found an article about this on Gothamist, which seems to confirm that they were indeed birds.

Panorama views by Jook Leung  |  Space Cannon - the lighting designers