Tuesday, March 02, 2004

stocktown forum

someone found this on the stocktown forum...
translation pleezie??

Date: 01-11-02 19:13
Subject: Those Intelligent Dance Bitches

Grymt bra TV!!! Ni har räddat min dag!
Jag undrar bara var man kan hitta mer info om Those Intelligent Dance Bitches? Fantastiskt bandnamn förresten...


new music..

anna has a new track she's finishing up for the 'designed disorder' compilation that's coming out. it's genius. absolutely fkkn brilliant. she is so my favorite. i'll let you know when that is released.

deru has a new one out 'pushing soil' on delikatessen (wikked) w/ remixes from xela, lusine, logreybeam and ginormous. [ buy it here ]

Monday, March 01, 2004

12 hours

[did i *really* just spend 12 hours of my life driving?]

so i went to san francisco this weekend. i decided / for whatever insane reason / to drive up and back. why i didn't fly...what was i thinking? well...i was thinking a lot, lemme tell you. nothing else to do but think and drive, really.

anyway...i now have the rest of my stuff, and that's that. done. over. good bye. i spent last night with my friend lina who makes me so happy (thanks bunny) then this morning we brunched with pablo. i got one of his designs which has me completly mezmerized and in love with my second inanimate object (number one being the car i bought last week) please look at this light -- tho you have got to see it to appreciate it fully. as soon as i got home i put it up. it's incredible.

i am exhausted but the chapter is closed. i am blessed.